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A messianic Cult with a 50-year history of Sexual & Financial abuse, and Human-Trafficking practices!

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A blog-post from Enlightenment.Life, Ranjeev Singh Sidhu's website

The website was found to be a front-group for the EDUCO messianic cult targetting students of the University of Derby. Posted 4 November 2018 was a website owned by Ranjeev Singh Sidhu and promoted by Pam Sidhu that was used to target students at the University of Derby


The Revolution Needs You by Ranjeev Singh Sidhu

Think back, if you will, to the time when you first, consciously, embarked on your journey. You knew there was more to life. You knew the norms society was trying to impose on you, weren’t the answers that you were looking. So, you set off on a journey, like so many before and many after. A search for the truth about your life and how to live to a higher purpose. Have you found that truth yet? Are you living that purpose? Or have you reached a plateau, a new comfort zone?

Everyone must do their bit. So, must you. Find the solutions that are unique and resonate, live, express yourselves. Only you, each, and every one of you, can make and need to make a difference.

Don’t forgot there is a revolution brewing. Bubbling under the surface of humanity. The revolution needs you to play you part in this play. People are sick and tired of hearing the same old promises from the politicians, the religious leaders, the media. Mothers can’t bear to see their young ones perish, either through war, famine, or drugs. You can not sit back and watch a disaster unfold. History will judge you very unfavourable that you are awake but choose to snooze through it.

The advert on the University of Derby Student Union's website targetting students for recruitment for the EDUCO Cult (a Cult with a 50-year history of Sexual & Financial abuse, and use of Human Trafficking practices)

Wake up! Wake up!

Wake up that fire in your soul! You have slept enough.

During your deep slumber, your house is being been robbed.

They are taking away your peace and leaving you anxious,

They are taking away your deep love and leaving you with sex,

They are taking away your wealth and leaving you with debt,

They are taking away your wisdom and overloading you with information,

They are taking away your good food and feeding you with empty calories,

They are taking away the whole earth and leaving you with a country,

They are taking away the lush forests and leaving you with a little garden,

They are taking away your spirituality and leaving you with religion,

Wake up! Wake up!

It is not too late.

Wake up! Wake up!

It is time to wake the fuck up!

Stand up and be counted, the revolution needs you to be a beacon, live large, become a huge success, demonstrate why you started this on this path, be an example of what can be achieved by a spiritual enlightened human being, the time has come.

The profile-image for Ranjeev Singh Sidhu's "Enlightenment Project Coaching" Facebook-page

The website was taken down in early 2022 after being exposed as a front for recruitment of students at the University of Derby for the Totalist EDUCO messianic Cult. The website has been archived and it's pages can be found here:

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