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A messianic Cult with a 50-year history of Sexual & Financial abuse, and Human-Trafficking practices

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"One Night In Millstreet", a "Cult" Movie: The Reviews Are In! What do the other critics think?

"One Night In Millstreet", a "Cult" Movie: The Reviews Are In!

Read's review of One Night In Millstreet

One Night In Millstreet

The TV section has 4 broadcast-televison documentaries about "Dr" Tony Quinn, the EDUCO Cult and his followers AND the newly unearthed EDUCO promotional-video from 2002 reported on by the Sunday Times, Sunday World & BBC.

See the Press section for over 140 Published press articles on "Dr" Tony Quinn and the EDUCO messianic Cult.

See the Articles section for quirky write-ups of the EDUCO Cult's nonsense.

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