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"Head Cases", Sunday World

Revealed Inside ‘Messiah’ Quinn’s €80K sessions, by Nicola Tallant


TODAY the Sunday World goes inside the weird world of ‘cult Messiah’ Tony Quinn. We can reveal exactly what goes on at the 62-year-old health guru’s secret mind-bending sessions in the sun.

Thousands of Irish people have coughed up to €80,000 each to attend the former butcher’s controversial seminars in the sun kissed Bahamas.

Footage from inside the camps on Paradise Island show followers writhing on the floor in states of ecstasy as the guru, who devotees believe is a reincarnation of Jesus, speaks and lays his hands on them.

OBI WAN QUINNOBI: Exclusive - We Reveal What Really Goes On Behind Scenes At Mentor’s Seminars

Mind Guru tells clients to use the ‘force’ at classes

THESE are the amazing scenes from inside ‘Messiah’ Tony Quinn’s secretive €63,500 mind-bending seminars.The images are the first glimpse outsiders have had of what goes on inside the sessions in the sun.

Thousands of Irish people have forked out huge amounts to spend two weeks in the sun-soaked Bahamas listening to a man who some followers believe is Jesus Christ.

Participants, many of them Irish, writhe on the floor in ecstasy as the guru walks among them dressed like a Costa del Sol tour rep in blue shorts and a canary yellow t-shirt.

Their bodies jerk and jump, their heads flail from left to right, their arms crash about their sides, legs lift and drop and their faces are set in pure pleasure.

Quinn has told them an energy – which he calls The Force like in the Star Wars movies – is surging through their bodies.

And just like in the movies, he tells followers the energy it produces will enhance physical and mental abilities.


It was during one of these ecstasy-inducing sessions that the 62-year-old former butcher from Dublin met his stunning busty 23-year-old South African lover who he christened ‘Eve’ after the first woman in the bible.

Quinn tells his flock that summonsing The Force will change their destiny forever and allow them live the ‘designer lives’ they dream of.

But a leading doctor claims that people are simply in a deep state of hypnotic relaxation and their ‘shakes’ are brought on by nothing more than the powerful suggestion of Quinn’s words.

Scenes from the EDUCO Seminar

Last week the Sunday World revealed how an incredible 3,000 people have already handed over €18,500 to attend the seminars while a further 400 have paid €63,500 for his ‘master classes’ – which affords them a brief aura fixing with the guru.

We have conservatively estimated that Quinn has amassed a €50 million fortune from gullible people who believe he is the Messiah.

Today we can unveil exactly what happens behind closed doors at Paradise Island or in the other exotic locations where he holds these secret seminars.

In never before published footage we show how participants are lulled into deep states of hypnosis by the Dubliner and then encouraged to ‘Feel The Force’ – an experience experts say is a high similar to that given from drugs like ecstasy.

Those who have attended say the guru then uses his skills as a hypnotist to bring them into a deeply relaxed state before urging them to feel the energy within themselves which he tells them will travel to their heads, arms and legs.

Our pictures show how he then whips the groups up into states of ecstasy as their bodies jolt from their chairs in fit-like seizures. Many laugh and roll their heads in sheer pleasure.

Quinn then lays his hands on a member of the group claiming his touch serves to “bring the overall energy levels up to the benefit of the entire group”.

On one part of the film which is used to promote the seminars to would-be clients, one woman says: “When Tony put his hands on me the feeling intensified. I thought I was going to take off.”

Last night Dr John Butler, who has counselled ex-members of the cult, says that Quinn’s hypnotism techniques are behind the bizarre scenes.

Quinn with a mesmerised devotee


“These people thrashing around on the floor in an orgasmic state are the result of the power of suggestion. When a person opens up their subconscious mind through prayer or relaxation, they are totally open to suggestion. One person starts shaking and then they all start. We see it all the time. The problem is that we don’t fully understand it and some people get into a very dangerous situation with it.”

Dr Butler, who lectures at Guys Hospital in London and who is an expert on mind-control cults, says that people believe that Quinn is God and therefore his use of suggestion is even more powerful.

“The high is like taking an ecstasy tablet or LSD. The problem is these people are handing over a huge amount of money for that and the high goes.

“These people believe they are seeing God and seeing the light but they are led in a calculating manner to feel and experience these things.”

Quinn claims couples can get huge benefits from his sessions and for their money will have a closer connection than ever before.

But it is business people and those with healthy bank balances that he is really interested in talking to.

In astonishing claims he says that those who have studied his mind and body system known as Educo and who have attended pricey seminars increase their earnings by 264 per cent within three years while business owners will increase their turnover by 360 per cent.


On the tape Irish businessman Glen O’Callaghan, who runs a carpet business, boasts how attending the seminars turned him into an overnight success.

“Within three months my turnover shot through the roof from €8,000 a week to €80,000, effortlessly.”

On the tape Quinn claims that he is able to programme children to ensure they have a much better future, claiming he uses the same techniques that Hitler used to programme children to carry out acts of genocide and Hamas use to create suicide bombers from kindergarten children.

An extract from the EDUCO tape featuring Nazi imagery.

“Children, if you realise, are almost like sponge. Their minds are sensitive and you can put programmes into children’s minds,” he said on the tape.

One former member of the group who worked closely with Quinn has included special ‘aura reading and re-aligning’ time in his €63,500 Connections Seminars.

However, according to our source, the readings are done in front of up to 12 other people attending the seminar and often result in those having their aura read talking openly about deeply personal incidents like abuse, incest and extra marital affairs which may have happened in their past.

“There is also hypnotism and gym work along with talks from Tony. He will often say things like ‘Have you heard reports that I am Jesus’. Then he will smile and shake his head. It is very subtle."

HEAD CASES (Front page Sunday World 18 January 2009)
OBI WAN QUINNOBI (Second and Third pages of Sunday World 18 January 2009)

Article sourced from Dialogue Ireland

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