EDUCO® – Discover "Dr" Tony Quinn

A messianic Cult with a 50-year history of Sexual & Financial abuse, and Human-Trafficking practices

An important announcement. See Dialogue Ireland for more details.


"One Night In Millstreet", a "Cult" Movie: The Reviews Are In!, Published 16 April 2024

"One Night In Millstreet" - A "Cult" Movie Review, Published 26 March 2024

The Tony Quinn London Yoga Group Leaflet, Published in 1976

"Glass into Diamonds" (or "How to polish a Tony Quinn Turd"), by "Dr." Tony Quinn, published February 2003

Susan Morrice and her devotion to “Dr” Tony Quinn

"Dr. Tony Quinn Uncensored"

Tony Quinn's 90's "Dare to be free" EDUCO "Cult" Manifesto

EDUCO Cult recruitment in London as recent as 2020

A gallery of EDUCO Messianic Cult Seminar attendees from years gone by!

The EDUCO Cult's bad netizenship!

Irish High Court grants order to seize luxury Dublin property that has House-of-Prayer Achill "Cult" leader Christina Gallagher as one neighbour, and once had an EDUCO poster-boy as another neighbour

Lighthouse International Group & Educo: Cults that work together to divide and conquer dissidents

A blog-post from Enlightenment.Life, Ranjeev Singh Sidhu's website which was found to be a front-group for the EDUCO messianic cult targetting students of the University of Derby. Posted 4 November 2018

Today an officer for the Met Police told me EDUCO is "a company" and dismissed any concerns it was a cult. Have others experienced this where something the world considers a Cult is dismissed by law-enforcement?

How the Totalist EDUCO messianic Cult has duped the UK media into promoting it's members' "Services"

The "British Mindfulness Academy" is not really very British at all! It's more EDUCO Culty than Blighty!

The EDUCO messianic "Cult" and it's leader's ("Dr" Tony Quinn), and his follower's, obsession with the movie "The Matrix"

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