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An important announcement. See Dialogue Ireland for more details.

Irish High Court grants order to seize luxury Dublin property that has House-of-Prayer Achill "Cult" leader Christina Gallagher as one neighbour, and once had an EDUCO poster-boy as another neighbour

Today the Irish High Court granted an order for the Criminal Assets Bureau to seize 10 Coldwater Lakes in Saggart, Dublin, after it was found to be the proceeds of drug trafficking.

Criminal Assets Bureau seizing 10 Coldwater Lakes

Adjacent properties, numbers 9 and 11, have little-known connections to two of Ireland's most notorious Cults; House of Prayer Achill and the EDUCO messianic Cult.

The property is controlled by cartel boss Daniel Kinahan who was sanctioned in April 2022, along with six other members of the Kinahan Cartel, by the US Treasury.

The DEA placed $5M bounties on members of the Kinahan cartel

Hundreds have been caught up in the sanctions including Tyson Fury as they are added to US no-fly-lists.

What is little known is that the property has a "Cult" leader neighbour. Christina Gallagher, leader of House of Prayer Achill, is resident of 9 Coldwater Lakes.

Gallagher began having visions in 1985 and followers believe she suffers from Stigmata and talks with the Virgin Mary.

Miracles including bringing back to life a dead baby and curing cancer have been claimed. Gallagher was one of the subjects of TV3's 2011 "Ireland's Secret Cults" documentary.

Sunday World's photo of Christina Gallagher's Coldwater Lakes property.

Gallagher caused controversy in 2021 when in New York she urged followers to not take the Covid vaccine. As well as New York Gallagher opened facilities in Texas, Minnesota and Florida.

In 2015 Sunday World reported on Gallagher's Coldwater Lakes property, and additionally claimed one-time poster-boy for the EDUCO messianic Cult Glen O'Callaghan was a neighbour living at number 11 Coldwater Lakes. It is not thought he lives there any more.

"Millionaires’ playground", Sunday World, 22 March 2015

O'Callaghan featured in EDUCO Cult promotional videos where he boasted of his business growth having attended an EDUCO Seminar held by Cult-leader "Dr" Tony Quinn.

Snippet from "Millionaires’ playground", Sunday World, 22 March 2015

Here is an except from the 2012 BBC documentary about the "Dr" Tony Quinn and the EDUCO Cult featuing a snippet from the EDUCO Cult promotional video where O'Callaghan makes this claim:

O'Callaghan was photographed with "Dr" Tony Quinn, leader of the EDUCO Cult, as recently as 2017.

Glen O'Callaghan (far-left back row) and "Dr" Tony Quinn (far-right)

O'Callaghan was sued by Allied Irish Banks in 2010, along with Jim Mansfield Jr (the original owner of 10 Coldwater Lakes) for €6.3 million.

The Sunday World first reported on the connection between O'Callaghan and Mansfield Jr in 2010

2010 Sunday World article

The article reported that Mansfield Jr had been dating model Katy French prior to her death caused by a cocaine-overdose. It also reported on O'Callaghan's membership of the EDUCO messianic Cult.

"one of mind guru Tony Quinn's most avid supporters"

The EDUCO Seminar is a 12-day Seminar held in a remote overseas location. Attendees spend hours in hypnotic sessions divulging their private thoughts and past trauma which is recorded by the Cult. Group-psychosis is encouraged (see video below) and women are at high-risk of sexual exploitation.

Followers of EDUCO Cult leader "Dr" Tony Quinn believe) he is the reincarnation of Adam, Jesus and the ruler of Atlantis; the inner-circle believe Sex with their guru leads to spiritual-progress.

It is known that Quinn has been introduced into a number of his followers' marriages and has had sexual-relations with many wives, often criticising the husbands of not being alpha-males after delivering his divine semen into their wives.

An ex-member of his communes claimed Quinn groomed a child who joined the commune when she was 4 with her parents, only to be having sex with her when she was 17 after a decade of his spiritual-leadership of her family.

EDUCO has been found to have recruited in University of Derby and Colorado University in recent years.

London Met Police officers have recently described EDUCO as being "just a company" that offers "wellness" despite it being called a Cult in a Supreme Court and High Court, by multiple Cult experts, in Newspapers and on TV.

As reported by the Irish Independent today the 10 Coldwater Lakes property came under Daniel Kinahan's control in 2009 after Mansfield Jr's business failings:

Evidence was previously heard that the home was given to Kinahan in partial repayment by Jim Mansfield Jnr after the businessman failed to invest €4.5m for the crime gang.

The cash was handed over in two suitcases for payment of four townhouses in 2009 but the deal never went ahead after the Mansfield fortune deteriorated.

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