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An important announcement. See Dialogue Ireland for more details.

The "British Mindfulness Academy" is not really very British at all! It's more EDUCO Culty than Blighty!

I came across this website that offers training in Mindfulness; it's called the "British Mindfulness Academy" and offers online "evidence based" courses "drawing upon the latest scientific research from the fields of Mindfulness and Neuroscience". They claim "The most recent research has shown that this combination obtains superior and longer-lasting benefits for course attendees" which suggests they're not courses, rather, they are treatment. There is no mention of the research, one must just take their word for it! The site boasts courses are "designed and delivered to the highest ethical standards"

The courses they offer are:

The British Mindfulness Academy's Facebook page lists an event held in 2019 which promoted the EDUCO Seminar, a 12-day remote hypnotic Cult indoctrination event where recruits are subjected to intense hypnosis, filmed revealing their inner-most secrets, and culminating in group-psychosis under the instruction of Cult-leader "Dr" Tony Quinn

The 2019 event held by the British Mindfulness Academy to promote the EDUCO Cult Seminar

The British Mindfulness Academy Facebook event claims attendees of the Seminar have benefited from the following results:

Business Revenue: +360%

Personal Income: +264%

Goal Achievement: +67%

Happiness Levels: +55%

The above benefits are lifted straight from the EDUCO Cult's website:

Business success: On average they achieved 360% increase in turnover/ revenue in 3 years

Personal Finances: The average income increase was 88% each year, producing a total of 264% for 3 years.

Main goals in life: Over the 3-year period, their capacity for achieving goals increased by 67%, which was so remarkable that the results were off the graph normally used in such studies.

Satisfaction with life: A 3-year follow-up study showed their satisfaction with life had increased by 55%

The claimed EDUCO "results"

The "Academy" lists 6 members of the "Team"

Carmel Farnan

Farnan is named on an Irish Health Culture Association (IHCA) website from 2005; she is named as an Irish Health Culture Association Yoga teacher. The Irish Health Culture Association address given on the website is 66 Eccles St, Dublin which happens to be the "EDUCO Centre" address. The IHCA address also shares the same logo that EDUCO has.

The 2005 IHCA and 2021 EDUCO logos

The Yoga course run by the IHCA is descibed as:

The philosophy and meditation section of the course is based on the Educo philosophy of Dr. Tony Quinn.

Academy-founder Carmel Farnan is not shy in promoting the EDUCO-Seminar, an indoctrination event for the EDUCO Cult.

Academy founder Carmel Farnan has openly promoted the EDUCO Seminar on Facebook
Margaret Forde

Another "Mindfulness Trainer" Margaret Forde is listed on the "British Mindfulness Academy". Forde was written about in a 1974 article by leading-figure in the Irish Woman's movement June Levine in 1974 when she was seen at a Tony Quinn commune.

Levine wrote of a young orphan who had joined the commune who endured a 40-day water fast under the instruction of Tony Quinn; she had ceased menstruating when her weight fell to "five and a half stone". Quinn showed ambivalence about this when challenged by Levine.

Clipping from "The Amazing Irish Guru", Irish Independent, 1974

In the article Levine wrote how Quinn claimed that he was born with the ability to meditate, saying "It was like I could always hear someone speaking to me.". Levine wrote that members of the commune "believe they are reincarnated with him from past lives at the time of Christ."

Levine wrote of Forde "Martin lives in the commune with his wife Margaret, who is a guidance counsellor."

Clipping from "The Amazing Irish Guru", Irish Independent, 1974

Surprisingly (or not) Forde is named on the very same 2005 IHCA website listing Yoga Teachers who qualified in Tony Quinn's Yoga course!

On the IHCA website's "Links" page a link to the "Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy" website is given. On this website, Forde is named, under "Dr" Tony Quinn, as a course teacher for the "Irish Association of Holistic Medicine".

Forde listed as Court director for the Irish Association of Holistic Medicine

In 2009 Forde was described as an "Apostle" of EDUCO messianic Cult leader "Dr" Tony Quinn:

Margaret Forde, a psychotherapist, runs courses and lectures students who pay up to €3,000 for their qualification which is recognised by City and Guilds of London Institute. Quinn referred to her as “the Blessed Virgin.”

Clipping from "MESSIAH'S ARMY OF APOSTLES - Tony's Disciples Show Absolute Devotion", Sunday World, August 23, 2009

Forde was also named as a director of the Irish Health Culture Association and the Irish Association of Holistic Medicine alongside "Dr" Tony Quinn in a 1998 "Blueprint for successful living". Quinn's ambitions were to deliver "Blueprint" to every single Irish household, to spread his totalitarian message.

Forde named as a director of two of the Totalist EDUCO messianic Cults "associations"
Annmarie Kennedy

Kennedy is named as a "Mindfulness Trainer" on the "British Mindfulness Academy"; and, coincidentally is also named on the same 2005 IHCA website listing Yoga Teachers who qualified in Tony Quinn's Yoga course!

Linda Keen

Linda Keen described EDUCO on her own website in 2005 saying she was "drawn to take a Yoga teachers course in the Irish Health Culture Association in Dublin and qualified in 2003".

Keen wrote her story in 2008 which focused on EDUCO:

Not only did the Educo™ seminar change my direction in career and thus give me a real purpose in life, it also importantly enabled me to pass the philosophy on to my three children, two of whom are now grown up with children of their own. My eldest son, Tony, was so impressed with the change in his mother, he too attended an Educo™ seminar in May 2000 and every area of his life had also radically improved!

Keen is, again, also named on the very same 2005 IHCA website! A link to Keen's website, under a link to "Dr" Tony Quinn's EDUCO messianic Cult's website link on the IHCA website's "Links" page:

Keen's website appears under the official EDUCO messianic Cult's website and above Caroline McDonagh's website

Note also that a link for Caroline McDonagh's page is listed beneath Linda Keen

Keen has a number of online properties, On her personal website she refers to EDUCO as a life-changing "Human Potential Research Seminar".

Keen alludes to EDUCO in her introduction

Keen states on one website she uses the EDUCO model which has been rubbished by Professors of Psychiatry and Psychology.

Keen explicitly states she is using EDUCO model which has been rubbished by Professors of Psychiatry and Psychology

Keen's websites include Parenting Skills Online, which boasts it is "The #1 Online Parenting Course". Another site is which describes her as an "Experience NLP Life & Sports Coach"

She claims online:

I am a registered member of the BACP and adhere to their ethical framework. I am also an accredited member of the IAHP [Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential] (Ireland).

Keen even ropes in her clients to promote the EDUCO messianic Cult, even having them post on Quinn's discredited "Unconscious Attention".

A tweet by Keith Donegal where he talks how Keen taught him the EDUCO model and Unconscious-Attention

She has made mention of Tony Quinn's "Unconscious Attention" and the "EDUCO Model" online; both have been rubbished by Professors of Psychiatry and Psychology) in Ireland.

Keen features in this YouTube video where she gushes over Cult leader "Dr" Tony Quinn and rewrites history regarding Steve Collins, who does not accord to Quinn what Keen claims. Keen is challenged on her assertions and even states she does not plan for any crisis. The claims Keen asserts have been dismissed in this Channel 4 documentary, which even features Steve Collins.


Keen regularly posts on one of her Facebook identities invitations to anyone interested in "Enlightenment" to inquire about the EDUCO messianic Cult indoctrination Seminar. This is a 10-day remote overseas hypnotic seminar given by Quinn costing thousands of pounds. Recruits are typically groomed with elaborate promises that just attending the Seminar will "enlighten" them. The costly seminar is said to offer nothing more than a cheap self-help book would.

Keen has been known to recruit for EDUCO using her multiple professional Facebook accounts

Keen has also recruited for the EDUCO Cult with life-long recrutier Manj Weerasekera in Brighton. Weerasekera is known to be the main promoter of the EDUCO Seminar in the UK.

An advertisement that appeared in the 29th August 2014 Brighton & Hove Independent


The "British Mindfulness Academy" when telephoned informed us that they operate out of Dublin from a virtual-office. When asked questions about claims on their website the receptionist stated they are not informed to answer such questions. When asked if they had attended a Totalist EDUCO messianic Cult indoctrination Seminar they refused to answer and hung up. This happens a lot with EDUCO messianic Cult members.

The "British Mindfulness Academy" appears less like an Academy, rather a copy of the following websites!

If you're looking for "Mindfulness Treatment" masquerading as a training course, and treated by Yoga teachers that met over a decade ago and all who are trained in "Dr" Tony Quinn's Messianic-Culty form of Yoga, in Britain, Ireland, Australia, or in fact anywhere I cannot recommend the Generic Mindfulness Academy highly enough!

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