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The Tony Quinn London Yoga Group Leaflet

Have you ever considered adding Yoga to your daily life? Of course, it’s the in-thing to do. Film and rock stars, jet-setters, famous personalities, readily admit to its practice. But so then do countless number of people in all walks of life. But why is it so popular?

Simply because it helps us to cope with and get the most from life.

In this space age a Yoga programme provides the balance


Tony Quinn
  1. RELAXATION: just mention the word Yoga and most people immediately think of relaxation, and rightly so, for it is justly famed for its ability to enable you to let go of the stress, tension and worry caused by the strains of modern living, safely and effectively.
  2. EXERCISES: a sensible approach to looking and feeling better, suitable for all ages, excellent for when you come home from work, tired and worn out. Then Yoga really comes into its own and a session will leave you calm, relaxed and invigorated, while giving you a supple, well-formed body.
  3. BREATHING: Yoga places great emphasis on breathing exercises and learning to breathe properly. We can understand why when we realise that oxygen is necessary to every cell in our bodies, but because of our way of life the average person is literally oxygen-starved. Yet without it we can only survive a few minutes, it acts as a cleanser removing carbon dioxide and waste products, while providing the flame in which food is burned for energy, maintenance, growth and repair. So naturally with the practice of Yoga breathing techniques we can expect a greater sense of well-being and health.
  4. NUTRITION: Yoga teaches us how to improve our health, energy and mental state by eating correctly. Overweight is caused by eating an unbalanced diet, which when corrected causes you to lose unwanted flab naturally, while firming up the body quickly and safely without hunger.
  5. MEDITATION: meditation brings about mental stability, peace of mind, self-knowledge, constantly expanding awareness and serves to put you in touch with the all-pervading energy which underlies everything.
  6. PHILOSOPHY: Yoga offers a valuable and practical philosophy to apply to everyday life. This becomes clear to us when we realise that the word Yoga itself means union and that the union desired is between man and life. Therefore put simply the purpose of Yoga is to put more “Life Force’ into your life and that is also its philosophy, maintaining that the greater the amount of Life Force, the higher the quality of life, while with insufficient Life Force the quality of life is poor, with illness and physical, mental and emotional disturbances occurring.

Our modern way of living results in low Life Force. Most of us will readily admit that we don’t get enough exercise or fresh air, have trouble controlling our weight, are uptight, not as healthy as we should be, don’t eat properly and have difficulty coping with life which, in a nutshell, is what Yoga is all about — how to “get on’’ with life, rather than working against it, which happens not only on a Personal but on a global level as well.

This will serve to give you an outline of some of the basic subjects covered.

Maybe now you can understand why Yoga has become an essential part of so many peoples’ lives, providing as it does the perfect complement. Would you like to give it a try? We are starting classes in your area and you would be very welcome to come along.

Note on teachers: All our teachers have been practising Yoga for a minimum of five years and have attended a series of teacher- training courses over a two-year period, after which those found suitable qualify. It is then required that all teachers, regardless of experience, attend once-weekly training sessions plus advanced sessions on a continuous basis

This class will run for twelve consecutive weeks on the same night and time. Each session is 1½ hours in length and the total cost is £20, payable on enrolment.


ENROLMENTS: 7.00 p.m.
CLASS STARTS: 7.15 p.m.


The 1976 leaftet recruiting in London for Tony Quinn's Yoga Cult


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