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EDUCO Cult recruitment in London as recent as 2020

The EDUCO Cult have been recruiting in London since 1996 when Babu Shah was recruiting covertly in the offices of Enterprise Oil. The objective of this recruitment is to target and groom vulnerable people with the aim of trafficking them to the remote overseas 12-day seminar. It is known that once at the seminar women are at high-risk of sexual-assault.

In 2005 The Sunday Times sent in an undercover-journalist who reported on the EDUCO Cult's recruitment events in London, and exposed how the Cult had plans to expand in the UK and to target Children with EDUCO's discredited form of "Hypnotherapy" or "Mindfulness Training".

It has come to light that there has been efforts to recruit amongst vulnerable women in London in recent years. Members of the EDUCO Cult have been trawling social-media looking for women who are at a transitional-period of their lives, knowing they could be suggestible to their unfounded claims which are used as bait to lure people into being trafficked to their guru.

It has been known that Manj Weerasekera and Alex Weerasekera have been fronting the EDUCO "Guest Events" near Tottenham Court Road as recently as May 2020. It is known that the Weerasekeras have been involved in grooming women from an office near Oxford Street, as was captured in this verified-article from 2017:

Now a number of events under a variety of front-groups on Meetup have come to light which have had the involvement of Alex Weerasekera. These front-groups have been running events at "1 Park Crescent", operated by ISH Venues.

Multiple front-groups on Meetup have promoted the same events and have all had similar names:

Enfield Spiritual Meetup-The Ultimate


Self Realisation -The Best Kept Secret


Super Consciousness - The Ultimate Achievement: Atlantis


These 3 groups all list the same recent events. the last one archived being February 27th 2020.

Attendees of these events include Alex Weerasekera and the organiser "Jennifer":

Could this be Jennifer Woodstock of Enfield who is known to have been in Dave O'Connor's gang of recruiters in the early 2000s?

Jennifer Woodstock

A member of these groups has been known to target those who show an interest to attempt to lure them to the EDUCO Seminar at a cost of £12,000.

A post to the Tiny Buddha forum in October 2018 by a member who describes how they were targetted for recruitment for the EDUCO Cult


At the remote EDUCO Seminar attendees are broken down to the point where shared-psychosis, or Folie imposée, is experienced.

EDUCO has been known to have used Meetup in other locations, including in Derby and in 3 different Cities in the United States. Mary Ann Malone was exposed in 2021 by The Frank Report for operating 3 EDUCO Cult recruitment groups.

We will keep digging!

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