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An important announcement. See Dialogue Ireland for more details.

Lighthouse International Group & Educo: Cults that work together to divide and conquer dissidents

Today I found I am the proud target of two attack websites by two Cults!

The first appeared about 6 months ago and it is widely thought to be the product of a leading recruiter for the EDUCO messianic Cult. The presumed author was destroyed in court last year by a wonderful Barrister who cut through all of his wild allegations.

The first website has been called a "Noisy Investigation" by a number of renowned Cult-experts. The creation of this website was to be expected and I have not made public much of what is going on, because quite frankly, this is par-for-the-course and my objective is to restrain EDUCO and prevent further Seminars where the nasty-stuff happens, and this effort has been successful.

Around the time of this website being posted on Twitter hundreds of times and here on Reddit by an EDUCO member I was unfortunate to have my Reddit account suspended. I was nicely informed by Reddit administrators that my account had been mass-reported for violating the content-policy of Reddit and it was found these were false reports and my account was reinstated.

At this time I had been assisting the moderation of the r/cultsLighthouseIntlGp subreddit and I was aware these events may be a coordinated attempt to have the attack-website posted there to aid in Lighthouse International Group's divide-and-conquer antics.

Lighthouse International Group have claimed online to have been made aware of this website and one Lighthouse member has stated he was contacted by the author of the website, a lifelong recruiter for the EDUCO messianic Cult.

Having temporarily taken down the subreddit to prevent this first attack-website being posted there, new moderators were added to prevent further deadlocks. I was subsequently told by a new moderator that I was like a Cult-leader and I was unreasonable and unable to post there.

I have no beef with these moderators; as ex-members of a coercive-controlling group it can take a decade to fully evaluate how they were taken advantage of. It can take years for those who have spent time in a Cult to understand how constraining discourse is unacceptable in an open-community. As someone who was never in a Cult and guards against manipulation I am in a privileged position.

Lighthouse International Group have written today how they shared this first attack-website with these ex-members, now moderators, and used it to sway them.

It is not unheard of for Cults to cooperate. At the 2012 "Dublin Offlines" conference John Duignan (who co-wrote the book "The Complex" with renowned journalist and EDUCO Cult warrior Nicola Tallant) spoke of his time as a high-ranking SeaOrg officer and how he worked with the Unification Church (The Moonies Cult) in Scotland. Additionally he named Tony Quinn (leader of the EDUCO Cult) as being someone who would also cooperate with other Cults.

John Duignan speaking at 2012 Dublin Offlines conference on cultic groups cooperating together

So if EDUCO had provided Lighthouse with this website it wouldn't be the first time EDUCO has collaborated with another cult. It has been claimed that 2 DDoS attacks which brought down the Dialogue Ireland website between 2008 and 2009 (which was exposing the abuses within the EDUCO cult) were facilitated with the help of Scientology. (More on these events here which include a death-threat issued by the cult)

The claim pins this coordination on a long-time member of the EDUCO Cult who was also found to have given false-evidence to the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court in a hearing against the EDUCO Cult leader.

In April after 2 exposés in the Press (here and here) Lighthouse International Group released a number of videos. In them they cast anyone who disagrees with them as evil, psychopathic etc; you know, narcissistic-projection. In one video the leader of Lighthouse International Group, Paul Waugh, even claimed I had been in prison which I haven't:

Paul Waugh claiming I have been in prison

A second video was posted days after making the same false-claim:

Paul Waugh repeating the false claim

Clearly I got up Waugh's nose; whatever. I speak out against cults and imported Totalist groups and I had bonded with the creator of a website about Lighthouse International Group and it's abuses over shared concerns in 2021.

I'm just a member of the public commenting on the obvious cultic nature of Lighthouse International Group. These videos emphasise the cultic nature of Lighthouse International Group. And it's oh-so-very Totalist for a Totalist group to do this to a member of the public who dislikes that they have imported their Totalist dogma into the UK. The UK has a long tradition of rejecting such nonsense.

On one of the videos Waugh stated members of Lighthouse International Group had filed police complaints about those speaking out. On their "Troll Register" webpage (although they call it a website) they claimed they had filed 13 reports against me. The Police have told me they are not investigating as no crime was committed.

This week Lighthouse International Group published an attack webpage against me online, because they have tried filing police-reports, tried divide-and-conquer, tried every trick in the book and well I guess my freedom-of-speech just ain't for compromising.

I have seen these tactics used within EDUCO, used to a far-greater and menacing extent, but the behaviours are the same.

I have also seen how EDUCO sowed division amongst those speaking out and I have been guided by experts to avoid these schisms.

I was warned by a renowned Cult expert many months ago that an advisor to many of the ex-Lighthouse International Group members was of concern, and to keep an eye on the r/cultsLighthouseIntlGp subreddit. This advisor is of great concern to a number of experts in Europe. I have since provided information to members of the r/cultsLighthouseIntlGp as to how they can validate these concerns.

I watch with great interest what missteps will occur in Lighthouse International Group's attempts to smear anyone who has a different opinion to them, and how the ex-member community reacts.

What I do know is that the Lighthouse International Group ex-member r/cultsLighthouseIntlGp community is leaky and someone is reporting back to Lighthouse International Group from within that community.

Lighthouse International now claim they will be releasing further videos exposing numerous families whose adult-children are in the group. To those worried all I can suggest is you broaden your circle from which you seek advice. To many this will be of great concern.

Do I mind there are attack websites about me written by Cults? Not really. That's what having a secure sense of identity gives you. And the websites themselves say more about the authors than they do about me. In the long-run they are testament of what those victimised by these nasty groups have to endure.

EDIT (10 January 2023): Shaun Cooper, a "CEO" of Lighthouse International Group, confirmed today in a tweet that he was sent the original hate-website:

Shaun Cooper's tweet on 10 January 2023

EDIT (17 February 2023): Shaun Cooper has additionally interacted with a Twitter account that is currently under investigation by the UK Parliament's House of Lords for the harassment of a journalist who exposed how cult-leader Nithyananda's representative was courted by the Hindu Forum of Britain in the Houses of Parliament in 2022:

Shaun Cooper's tweet on 17 February 2023 to an account linked to the harassment of a journalist that led to a House of Lords inquiry

EDIT (15 March 2023): Shaun Cooper repeated this assertion that he has been in contact with EDUCO and was provided with my name and the address of an "Attack Website":

Shaun Cooper's tweet on 15 March 2023, two weeks before the UK Government had Lighthouse International Group's business operatons shut down in the public interest
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