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You want to get the most out of yourself and of life? You want greater success? You want to make a difference? In his first interview in 9 years, Dr. Tony Quinn speaks candidly and reveals The Answer you may have never considered.

Dr. Tony Quinn speaks out in his first interview in nine years.

Q: You have not been involved in producing a Blueprint for Successful Living newspaper or in giving interviews for 9 years. Why now?

A: Firstly, because I have an answer to the problems of the present times and I want to make it available to people through this interview and newspaper. This is an approach that has been used with great success by me and in hundreds of businesses and by thousands of individuals in all areas of their lives. It has also been the subject of university studies. Secondly, because the requests I get for interviews are always about me personally and never about the work I do.

Q: How would you describe the work you do?

A: Bill Gates transformed the world’s technology through computers. My vision is to help transform the world through mind technology. This new field has even greater potential to change our lives and the world. It teaches people how to gain access to the hard drive in the computer part of their minds; then how to write the programs (goals) and imprint them on the hard drive of the computer part, the content of which essentially forms our personal and global lives. This breakthrough technology offers greater possibilities for everyone’s life because for the first time it allows us to get into the control centre and start making the changes we want. The beauty of it is that the technology is easy to learn and use. Using this approach I help people and businesses to achieve their goals and in particular people who want to live the ultimate life and bring about a better world.

Q. Let’s go back to the beginning. It all really started for you when you introduced yoga to Ireland in 1971?

A. Wow, the hassle I got about that in those days! Now they have yoga in every local church hall. Frankly, I have always felt I was about 10 years ahead, which can lead to a lot of misunderstanding. All of the areas I was involved in, dare I say pioneering, have now become mainstream – yoga, meditation, weight training, health clubs, food supplements, health stores, massage, martial arts, holistic medicine. In the future what I call Mind Technology will become mainstream.

Q: Most people in Ireland remember you from your association with Steve Collins and his winning of the World Super Middleweight boxing titles.

A: That was way back in 1995. I had left Ireland by then and had started living in The Bahamas. Steve was the perfect guy to work with. His dedication was 100%. He truly was the underdog, a real life Rocky. And then Rocky won! It was such fun. No steroids, nothing fake at all, just sheer guts and heart, that’s Steve – a true Champion.

Q: So, what have you been doing since then?

A: I have had an input into a few hundred successful businesses at different levels. After Steve, I was approached by a number of business owners to work with them and their businesses. Word of the success that resulted spread and I became inundated with offers from different businesses. I love this area because it allows me to guide the owner and the business step-by-step from the concept all the way to the success. When the mind technology proved so successful in the businesses I began teaching it through seminars.

Q. How successful were the businesses?

A: Over 100 of these businesses formed part of a series of university studies I conducted. These took place under the university research conditions of East London University. My supervisor was Professor Brian Clifford.

Q. Were these business owners who had come to the seminars?

A. Yes, we were trying to find out if the training they got on the seminars worked.

Q. What are the results?

A. The turnover for the businesses in the year before their seminar was the baseline that we measured against, so we called that 100%. In the first year the turnover was up 62% (162% in total counting the baseline). The second year was up 108% (208% in total counting the baseline). The third year was up 190% (290% in total counting the baseline).

Q. So the businesses were doing better each year?

A. Just add the figures together for the three years and the facts speak for themselves. Also, everyone involved in the study had to put their signature to their figures, so they are very accurate.

Q. What about personal finances?

A. A second study tracked 270 seminar participants, some for three years, to see the effect on their personal finances. Their income in the year before their seminar was the baseline measured against. The average income increase was 88% each year producing a total of 264% for the three years. Again, everyone involved had to sign the figures.

Q. Why did you do these studies?

A. To put mind technology to the acid test.

Q: If you were to take us right up to date what would that be?

A: Belize Natural Energy, an oil company, and XJet, a private aviation company. In both companies I was there at the beginning when they were just an idea in someone’s mind. Both companies have become hugely successful in just a few years against what seemed to be impossible odds. In the present financial climate readers hopefully will be encouraged and inspired by these stories.

Q: Is the oil found by Belize Natural Energy making a big difference to the country?

A: It is the country’s number one source of revenue. I wonder if readers can relate to how it feels to help nurture an idea that grows to be a successful oil company? A company that’s benefiting every man, woman and child in Belize. Hopefully the oil will help secure the country’s future. Frankly if that is all I ever did in my lifetime I would feel it was worthwhile. I am told that oil wells can keep producing for 25 years or more.

Q. What are some of the other companies with which you are involved?

A. Some of the other companies I am involved with are Human Potential Research Ltd., educogym® franchise, Free Spirit – a health and beauty chain, Tony Quinn Health Stores, The Irish Association of Holistic Medicine and the Irish Health Culture Association etc.

Q. You originally founded both of these associations?

A. Yes, the Irish Health Culture Association in 1969 and the Irish Association of Holistic Medicine in 1985. Both these associations and the courses they run have created a huge growth industry in holistic medicine with hundreds of practitioners successfully employed and self-employed in Ireland. I am the Director of Studies and consultant to the two associations. Most of the people in the health line in Ireland will have been associated with me in some way – even if they never met me, but trained in some of my courses offered by the associations.

Q. Countless people’s health and well being must have benefited from all of this.

A. Yes, and the educogym® franchise and the health stores also benefit people’s health and provide employment.

Q: None of this appears in the media.

A: No, nothing positive. If I tried reading the articles about me in the media I would give up, shaking my head. I don’t know this person I’m reading about. Yes, the pictures seem to be me, the name is the same but after that there are very few similarities to me, or my life. What’s even more incomprehensible is that they are mostly talking about things that didn’t even happen that way, from 20, 30 or more years ago.

Q: You teach people to use more of their minds and apply it to self-expression, their lives, business etc. How exactly?

A: The essence of my approach is a form of attention called Unconscious Attention.

Q: Is Unconscious Attention a term in common use?

A: No. I was awarded a Master of Science degree for original research in this area. For this original research to qualify it must add to the sum of human knowledge on the subject. For ease of identification, study and application purposes this way of using more of your mind was given the name Unconscious Attention.

Q: How would you describe Unconscious Attention?

A: Attention is the way through which information appears in your mind. The deeper the attention, the more the information. The unconscious – or subconscious as some call it – is regarded as the greater or deeper part of the mind.

Therefore, in Unconscious Attention we have more of the mind, the unconscious, paying attention.

Q: How do you use Unconscious Attention?

A: On a seminar, for example, I begin by training the person to achieve their maximum level of Unconscious Attention.

Q: So people have a capacity for Unconscious Attention and this can be improved?

A: Yes, similar to physical fitness where we can reach a higher level with training. Equally, we can train a person to use more of their mind.

Q: So once the person has a better level, what can they do with it?

A: They can begin to create the life they want through imprinting a program onto their mind.

Q: How exactly?

A: The person decides on a goal or a series of goals. I call this a program. They now apply Unconscious Attention – this greater level of attention – to the program. Then, because of the deeper attention, the program makes an impression on the deeper part of the mind, the unconscious. Think of the unconscious like the hard drive of the mind. Ideally, the attention is sufficiently deep that the program becomes imprinted on the person’s mind / hard drive and so begins to form their life.

Q: How can this happen?

A: Let’s say a person comes to me with a goal i.e. BNE oil company or XJet. Most people’s goals are really more in the wishful thinking category. Such goals are only in the conscious mind – think of it as on the surface. What we need is to apply Unconscious Attention to the goal so that it moves into the control centre, the unconscious, and is imprinted on its hard drive. We must focus all of the person’s mental attention on the goal, on the successful outcome they want. When the person looks into their mind this success program must have registered, must stand out to the exclusion of all opposing negative thoughts and as if it had already happened. Think of the goal as a pure invincible vision imprinted on the mind. A photograph of success.

Q: What you are saying is of such vital importance. Can you make it any clearer?

A: The key to any success I have had with individuals, companies or my own has been my ability and their ability to imprint the desired success on the minds of those concerned. This is the key to all achievement, to success in every area from business to happiness, confidence to relationships, satisfaction with life etc. What everyone needs to know is that your unconscious mind must photograph and be imprinted with the outcome you want. Then your unconscious begins to form your new life from this blueprint. This is the truly life-changing information that I want to impart to everyone. Information that is so powerful that it can move your dreams from wishful thinking to reality. If anyone reading this is struggling with their life, with their goals or are just starting out in life then take on board what I’m saying here. It is THE ANSWER! The program must be imprinted on the hard drive of your mind.

Q: This is the approach you use with people, to which you attribute all of your and their results?

A: Unquestionably. This is my speciality. You know, the beauty of all of this is that you may just need one big hit to be made for life – say for example a big goal like XJet. Just try this approach and you will be convinced that you have your key. Once you feel that you have decided on the goal or goals you want write them out (this imprints them deeper) in a way that allows you to picture the successful outcome. Have fun with it. See yourself as the director of your own successful life movie and run it until it is imprinted on your mind. Remember, think big – a blockbuster.

Q: So, when you look into your mind, this success must stand out boldly, as if it had already happened?

A: Yes, and this success picture / movie, your vision, gives you the power, energy, direction, motivation, drive, certainty, confidence and the ability to influence others. This causes you to jump up out of your bed in the morning and enthusiastically go for it. Even if you were faced with opposition right there in front of you, the success picture / movie imprinted on your mind must be bigger, stronger, more powerful.

Q: What about the programs already stored in the mind?

A. Yes indeed. For example, if I asked you right now are you a happy person, what do you do? You look inside your mind, then whatever has made the deepest imprints, good or bad, stands out. Ultimately you will give your decision based on the sum total of the strongest imprints. Some people can have 9 happy impressions and 1 bad. However, they dwell so much on the bad that it overshadows all the good. Consequently, they will answer ‘unhappy’. The same can hold true in any area across the board from childhood, relationships, a failure, an embarrassment, a fear etc. Strangely, it’s not how much bad or good that happens to the person but how they store what happens that makes the difference. Then the more the person dwells on the experience, the deeper the impression.

Q. It’s true and it’s frightening.

A. Something can happen in childhood, which is really no big deal, but makes a big impression on the child. This not only affects the child in the present but can continue for a lifetime. Right now, all our stored programs, good and bad, are affecting us, and will continue to do so for the future.

Q. There was an article in the news some years back about how your unconscious is making your everyday decisions. It pointed out that according to neuroscientists we only have a 5% conscious input. The 95% comes from the unconscious. – Marianne Szegedy-Maszak – US News.

A. The problem is to get people to take this on board. Way back, Freud maintained that we are puppets in the hands of the unconscious.

“ The deepest imprints on your mind, good or bad, control and form you and your life. “

Q. All this changes our core belief that we are acting from our free will.

A. This has been my specialized field of study for about 20 years. How the unconscious controls our personal and global lives and how to gain access to the unconscious and imprint the program we want and so have greater control over our lives. Then you are using more of your mind – the unconscious. Now we can mine from our unconscious using the programs. This is probably the most positive life-changing action you can take.

Q. What more can we do, particularly about the programs that are already imprinted?

A. When I work with people or on a seminar, as well as getting them to imprint their goal I also get them to pick out the best of their good memories, happy, successful, empowering etc. and apply unconscious attention to these. In addition, I ask them to stop dwelling on or even giving any attention to bad memories. I can’t overstate the difference this makes to the person’s present and future and to how the person feels, when they renew their mind in this way. This deeper imprinting of your good memories provides the perfect foundation, support and launching pad for a better life. Readers can do a version of this right now. Above all stop giving attention to anything negative. Then write out a list of good memories. Even the writing imprints them more. Dwell on them when drifting off to sleep. Talk about them to others whenever possible. If bad memories pop up, immediately switch to thinking about the good. In this way you can shift the balance of the unconscious in your favour. You need to be able to look inside your mind, at the hard drive, and feel good about yourself.

Q: So we can’t just sit on the fence?

A: No, that’s impossible. You have been programmed since birth, generally by others, indeed by anything to which you give your full attention. We program ourselves all the time. Everyone needs to learn how to do it properly. Take control of this imprinting process and you take control of your life. This is the shortest and most certain route to the life that you want.

So, for clarity let me say that:

  1. You imprint the new life, goals and success (programs) that you want.
  2. You imprint your good memories (programs) deeper so that they stand out to you when you look inside your mind.

Now you are a person of vision, you have the mindset of the superachievers. The series of university studies showed how this approach worked across the board – not only for success but also for happiness, satisfaction with life etc.

Q: Would the present global recession be a program?

A: There are personal and global programs. This is a global program. Suppose there was no recession but the media and governments kept telling everyone that there was, what do you think would happen?

“ We know more about operating our computer and mobile phone than our own mind. “

Q: It could cause a recession?

A: Yes, because people give it their full attention and as a result it becomes a mass program. Now that is the vision that everyone expresses because it’s imprinted on their minds. Ask yourself this question: if a person had a goal of success, what percentage of their mind is now taken up by the recession? This causes their vision to become clouded. Therefore their goal never reaches the unconscious. It is sabotaged or even killed off at the conscious mind level by the negatives and it never gets any further. Can we even begin to comprehend the amount of potentially successful projects that are being killed by the more powerful recession program imprinted on the global unconscious during these times? As your vision becomes cloudier you fall back in the race, you may even have to drop out. The leaders, the winners, will succeed fuelled by their pure vision. Indeed, you become a success from the moment you become fuelled by your pure vision.

Q. So, whatever is most deeply imprinted on my mind and the minds of the readers is forming our lives right now?

A. The mass media, TV, the information superhighway – these are all at the level of the minds that control them. For example, are they reporting the news or causing it? What would happen if you did not know there was a recession? Think of the hours that people spend daily giving their full attention to these mediums. Consider the awesome potential for world and lifechange for the better if people were educated in the power of the right vision and in mind technology. We all have minds of unlimited potential, so why not educational programs (pun intended) in how to use them? We know how to use our computers and mobile phones but not our own minds. Frankly, I consider my seminars unique from that point of view, in that I teach people the essentials of how the mind works and how to operate it for best results – in short, provide an owner’s manual. Truly our minds can be our greatest asset or our biggest handicap. People talk about the value of a good education but that will only take us so far. The rest is decided by the programs in our minds.

Q. This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase try to make a good impression.

A. What I was particularly pleased about in the business studies was that it wasn’t just a question of me impressing business success on the minds of the business owners. They themselves had to go back and impress business success on the minds of their employees. That this worked so well shows that it is easily possible. Consider too the great benefits that resulted from those 100 businesses becoming more successful – not just to the owners but also to the employees and their families. Then we can begin to see the possibilities for a nation.

Q. I can see now how you are so excited about the work that you do.

A. Yes, I believe Mind Technology is a field whose time has come. I hope that reading this interview has proved to be something of a breakthrough for the reader. Now you know there are greater possibilities available to you by just using more of your mind – the unconscious – that you can literally mine from your unconscious using programs. My favourite question to ask people I meet is ‘What do you want?’ Then I try and impress what they want deeper on their minds. This is the most creative, rewarding and magical thing that I have learned to do. Part of this is the fact that I can readily teach it to people. Then they can do the imprinting with themselves and others.

So, if you really want to get the most out of yourself and life, if you really want greater success, to make a difference and give others a better life, then you have to get into the control centre, the hard drive in the unconscious from which it all happens and begin making those life-changing impressions.

“ Thank you for The Answer. “


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