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How the Totalist EDUCO messianic Cult has duped the UK media into promoting it's members' "Services"

The Totalist EDUCO messianic Cult has long duped the UK media by concealing it's members' association with "Dr" Tony Quinn and the Cult.

This goes back to 1995 when Sky Sports interviewed "Dr" Tony Quinn before the first Steve Collins vs Chris Eubank fight. (Full fight)

After the fight Collins was asked "How much was an influence was your hypnotist? There was a lot made of that before the fight", to which someone off-camera instructs Collins "Relaxation". Collins is asked "How big a factor was that?"

Collins says "We fooled the world!".

Since the blanket-coverage in the Irish Press of the Sexual and Financial abuse in the Cult, and the usage of Human-Trafficking practices used against some who attended the Seminar and became embroiled in it's MLM-scheme, members of the EDUCO Cult have concealed their membership of the Cult when approaching the media to promote themselves.

In 2014 when Channel 4 News' Tom Clarke visited Zana Morris' The Library Gym in Notting Hill, the gym's connection to EDUCO was concealed.

Other members of the Totalist EDUCO messianic Cult have featured in news-stories with the aim of gaining a specialisation in a field which would be used to draw vulnerable people in, only for them to then be filtered out for grooming and recruitment to the Cult.

One member, Manj Weerasekera (who joined the Cult in 2002 and was found recruiting in London in 2020), has featured in a number of newspaper articles posing as an "executive coach kept meeting senior businessmen" in 2014, a "relationship expert" in 2015 and "a dating coach" in 2016.

In 2019 3 members of the Totalist EDUCO messianic Cult were interviewed by another member Pam Sidhu for Sabras Radio.

Caroline McDonagh is a close-associate of Cult Leader "Dr" Tony Quinn, even being reported on that she has been responsible for cleaning her guru's toilets.

McDonagh, a nutritionist in Ireland, featured on 2 episodes of the Sabras Radio podcast on March 27th 2019 and June 12th 2019. Sabras Radio is a regional-radio station based in Leicester.

Claire Bulman, a "Rapid Transformation Therapist", who claimed to be a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register for 2 years when she wasn't. She featured on the Sabras Radio podcast on the subject of mental-health. Bulman has been photographed with other members of the Totalist EDUCO messianic Cult, including Manj Weerasekera and the Malignant Narcissist Cult leader "Dr" Tony Quinn.

Bulman (far-left) and "Dr" Tony Quinn (centre)

Babu Shah, who began recruiting covertly in the offices of Enterprise Oil in the late 1990s, also featured on the Sabras Radio podcast.

The host of the podcast, Pam Sidhu, has featured on the Facebook page of "Enlightenment Life Coaching" run by her husband Ranjeev Singh Sidhu. He has even featured on Sonia Deol's BBC Food programme in 2011. Enlightenment.Life was found to be recruiting for the Totalist EDUCO messianic Cult in Derby last year.

Ranjeev joined the Totalist EDUCO messianic Cult in 2002.

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