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'Cure-By-Post' Warning To Sick, Sunday World

Slating for yoga boss's 'absent healing' therapy, By Cathal O'Shea

'Cure-By-Post' Warning To Sick

THE powerful Irish Medical Organisation has slated a bizarre new therapy for sick people known as "absent healing."

It's being provided by yoga boss Tony Quinn whose organisation is charging £15 a time for treating people's ailments by post

But according to Dr. Ken Egan. president of the IMO, people would be better off if they kept their money in their pockets.

"As far as I am concerned there is absolutely no benefits to be derived from absent healing," he said yesterday.

And he hit out at the claim that the ill can be cured this way.

"Unfortunately people who are seriously sick tend to watch out for anything once accepted medicine fails them."


Tony Quinn introduced yoga into Ireland on a commercial scale almost 20 years ago.

He is promoting his unique form of healing in a newspaper, 'Blueprint for Living', which he has circulated to households throughout the country.

"Absent healing means that a person can make a request for themselves or another for healing or self-improvement," readers are told.

"The therapist then prays, visualises or holds thoughts for a positive outcome on a daily basis In conjunction with that person.

"This can take place without either meeting."

"Distance is no object as it can all be conducted by post."

The paper published numerous letters from anonymous people who claim they have been cured of a variety of illnesses through absent healing.

One writer claims that the therapy resulted in his sister being cured of lung cancer.

Another maintains that it helped a friend overcome epilepsy.

Further reports tell of people being cured of colitis and leukaemia.

Yesterday Dr. Egan waned sick people to ignore the claims and advised them to attend their family doctors rather than write to Tony Quinn.


"While I firmly believe that a positive mental approach to all illness is very good, I would suggest that people treat this business of absent healing with extreme caution."

Tony Quinn employs eight therapists who work full time on his healing programme.

Besides writing giving details of their illnesses, people also have the option of attending healing sessions.

One therapist who works from his headquarters at 66 Eccles Street, Dublin, was meeting with sick clients at the rate of one every fifteen minutes all last week.

Each visit cost £10.

Mr. Pat Henry, a spokesman for the Tony Quinn organisation, last week strongly stood over the service offered by the absent healing therapists.

"It is hugely beneficial to sick people and we have literally hundreds of letters here to prove it," he said.


"Once an Irish person does something out of the ordinary in this country they are automatically criticised."

"But if they were from America or the Amazon we would think they were absolutely marvellous"

Sunday World, 17th April 1988, Page 7
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