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"Jesus Christ Super Tsar"

Messiah Quinn treats himself to statue of Christ for his 60th, Sunday World, by Nicola Tallant

"Jesus Christ Super Tsar"

THIS is the six-foot statue of Jesus Christ that was specially commissioned as a 60th birthday present for self-styled Messiah Tony Quinn.

It was presented to him to adorn his plush penthouse apartment in the sun-soaked Bahamas where he lives with his 23-year-old lover who he christened Eve after the first woman in the bible.

BIZARRE: Insiders claim the statue of Christ reminds Quinn of who he believes he is

Quinn, a former butcher from Arbour Hill in Dublin, believes he is the re-incarnation of Jesus Christ and convinces his followers of the same.

The statue was specially moulded in the US, then shipped to Paradise Island where he lives as a tax exile.

He requested his private secretary Mary Power – one of his most devout followers who lives in the Bahamas – to order the statue for his February 7 birthday.


One insider said: “The statue is actually taller than Quinn himself. It is in his condo and serves as a reminder to him of who he believes he is.

“He was asked if there was anything he would particularly like for his 60th, two years ago, and he said a life-size statue of Jesus.

“It cost an absolute fortune and had to be shipped to the Bahamas. It is Quinn’s pride and joy.”

‘Health Guru’ Quinn has amassed an enormous personal fortune, conservatively believed to be in the region of €50 million, through his network of health shops, fitness centres and by holding costly seminars for wealthy business people who believe he is the ‘Messiah’.

PLUSH: Tony Quinn’s luxury yacht ‘Far Niente’

His assets include the two luxury apartments on Paradise Island, a million euro yacht and properties in Dublin, London and LA.

More than 3,000 people have attended Quinn’s two-week seminars in the Caribbean which cost €18,500 and a further 400 have paid €63,500 for his ‘master’ classes.

Many have been so taken in by him that they have re-mortgaged their homes and left themselves cash strapped and several have ostracised their families as a direct result of his hypnotic influence.


Quinn, who has had a string of lovers, met Eve, a South African beauty whose real name is Amelia, on a seminar in 2004 when she paid for his ‘self help’.

Insiders say she arrived late and came bearing a basket of apples. “The minute he laid eyes on her he decided that she was going to be his Eve.”

The busty blonde had dark hair when she first met Quinn and insiders say she has since been surgically enhanced to look like his dream girl – Marilyn Monroe. She acts as his chauffeur, ferrying him around the island.

The couple always travel with a pink teddy bear, known as ‘Pink Ted’, which they dress in a special pin stripe suit.

Followers have to address the teddy and compliment it on any changes in its clothing.

The Sunday World's 1 February 2009 story

Article sourced from Dialogue Ireland.

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