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"Phony Tony's At The Ponies", Sunday World

Mucky Messiah Quinn at RDS with young lover

Phony Tony's At The Ponies, By Mick McCaffrey

THIS is sugar-daddy mind guru Tony Quinn horsing around at the RDS with his lover who is young enough to be his daughter.

The pensioner proves that having millions in the bank can ensure a pretty woman on your arm as he passionately kisses and hugs his 28-year-old girlfriend outside the Dublin Horse Show.

However, the 70-year-old Mucky Messiah needs to watch the calendar to make sure he doesn’t overstay his allocated number of days in the country, which would put his tax exile status in jeopardy.


The Sunday World has photographed Quinn on several occasions this summer and he seems to have spent the majority of the last few months here instead of enjoying his Bahamas bolthole.

Under Irish law, a person who is resident abroad for tax purposes cannot spend more than 183 days a year here, or a maximum of 280 days in any two-year period.

There is currently no danger of Quinn going over his entitlement, but he will need to keep his eye on the calendar to make sure he sticks within the rules.

Quinn is obviously enjoying his extended stay in Ireland and looked like he was having the time of his life with blonde bombshell Amelie Hattingh at the RDS.

He was present on the same day as rock star Bruce Springsteen caused a paparazzi storm as he witnessed his daughter Jessica compete for team USA.

Thankfully for Quinn, this meant that his appearance went under the radar. But he did not escape our snapper, who caught the pair in a loving embrace as Quinn waited for his chauffeur to whisk him back to his mansion in Portmarnock, north Dublin.

The mullet-haired pensioner has been spotted on several occasions around the idyllic village hand in hand with his stunning South African lover.

Many of Quinn’s followers believe he is Jesus Christ and are happy to part with fortunes to hear his words of wisdom and take part in his ‘inspirational’ €50,000 seminars.

Amelie has become one of Quinn’s inner-circle after she met him at one of his gatherings. She shelved her own ambitions to become a professional boxer and now spends her days travelling the world in style with him.

Nearly 400 devotees attended a meeting in Clontarf Castle last month and he proudly led ‘Eve’ onto the stage and used her as an example of the benefits of his ‘Educo’ lifestyle.

HORSE SHOW VISIT: Mind guru Tony Quinn


Quinn is able to spend so much of the summer in Ireland because he didn’t come back for years due to a dispute over a failed oil deal. We first photographed the couple in Monaco in 2009 as part of a major investigation into Quinn and his Educo ‘cult’.

Although he has become unbelievably rich from Educo, several of his former followers have complained that they have lost their life savings after being put under pressure to take part in the pricey seminars.

Quinn devotees believe he is the reincarnation of Christ and can even walk on water. It is a long way from his humble upbringing in Dublin’s Arbour Hill.

He now lives on a multi-million euro compound on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, with a large staff to take care of his every whim

Note: Hattingh escaped Quinn and has not been seen publicly since this article.

Article sourced from Dialogue Ireland.

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