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"Look who's back Quinn town", Sunday World

"Look who's back Quinn town", 2-page story from 15 June 2014 Sunday World

Mucky Messiah Tony Takes Young Lover Out For A Stroll As He Looks To Fleece Irish Followers, by Nicola Tallant

MUCKY Messiah Tony Quinn looks like the ultimate Monte Carlo sugar daddy as he goes for a stroll with his young lover near Portmarnock in north Dublin.

The mullet-haired 70- year-old, who many followers believe is ‘Jesus Christ’, took to the strands with blonde bombshell Amelie Hattingh for an early morning hike – but he failed to walk on water.

Quinn renamed the glamorous South African ‘Eve’ after she met him at one of his pricey seminars in the sun.

The 28-year-old quit her ambitions to become a professional boxer and moved into Quinn’s cult-like inner circle.

GURU: Tony Quinn and 'Eve'


She travels the world with the self-styled mind guru, who is back in Ireland to encourage supporters to attend his €50,000 seminars claiming his has ‘The Answer’ to the secret of success.

Up to 400 devotees attended a meeting with Quinn last Sunday at Clontarf Castle, where he led ‘Eve’ on to the stage as a walking example of his ‘Educo’ lifestyle.

The playboy prince, who is based in the Bahamas, hasn’t been back in Ireland for years since a bust-up within his cult over an oil company. Now Quinn wants to drum up more business in Ireland as the economic crisis has somewhat abated.

The Sunday World first photographed the odd couple in Monaco in 2009 during a major investigation into the guru and his cult group Educo.

Quinn, originally from Arbour Hill in Dublin, has amassed a staggering fortune through his cult, while many former followers complain that they lost their homes, savings and livelihoods through their devotion to him.

For years many Quinn devotees have believed that he is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, claiming he was in Nazareth and could walk on water.

GURU: Tony Quinn and "Eve"

Amelie was only 19 when he set his sights on her ample charms and quickly the pair became an item. Amelie moved to the Bahamas, where she lives with him on Paradise Island and caters to his every need.

In outlandish claims, Quinn has said that those who study his “mind and body science” will increase their earning powers by 263 per cent and business turnover by 360 per cent.

Quinn is in Ireland with his sidekick – oil millionaire Susan Morrice – who tried to use the High Court to force the Sunday World to reveal details about our sources of information for articles about Morrice and Quinn.

The case, won by the Sunday World in a huge victory for free speech, resulted in a historic ruling which saw the rights of a journalist to protect their sources being recognised by the Irish constitution for the first time.

OUTLANDISH: Tony Quinn his lover ‘Eve’ out for a stroll in Dublin on Friday

In his ruling, Mr Justice Gerard Hogan said: “If, as she [our reporter Nicola Tallant] maintains, Mr Quinn is effectively the leader of a religious cult... the media are clearly entitled to educate the public on cults”

2-page story in Sunday World, 15 June 2014.

Article sourced from Dialogue Ireland.

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