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"Minder Bender", Sunday World, 20 September, 2009

'Messiah' Quinn's ring of steel as he tries to save crumbing reputation at stormy meeting, by Nicola Tallant

2-page story in the Sunday World

TONY QUINN flew into Ireland last week on a massive PR drive to save his crumbling reputation.

But the Mucky Messiah couldn’t resist flashing his wealth and paid a security team to give him the full superstar rapper treatment as he was whisked around to meet his devoted fans.

Two high-powered jeeps, a brand-new top-of-the-range BMW and a team of eight bodyguards were on hand to ‘protect’ Quinn, girlfriend Eve and secretary Mary Power from whatever threat he felt they were under during his homecoming

To those who have remained loyal to him throughout the storm of the last year, Quinn remained at arm’s distance, favouring the company of his new inner circle of rich oil magnates who he hopes will turn him into a billionaire baron.

Incredibly, during the week he told shareholders of an oil company pumping 5,000 barrels of crude a week that they would have to borrow from him to get their money back.


The tanned guru sported a Miami Vice-style wardrobe of white pants and short-sleeved shirts while at home in Dublin, complete with a dodgy mullet of dyed blonde hair.

The 62-year-old has tried to fight off the ageing process for years but despite travelling everywhere with his 23-year-old blonde lover, few could mistake him for anything more than a sugar daddy.

Quinn has been staying at his Hick’s Tower home in Malahide since his return to Dublin last Saturday, where a team of devotees cater to his every whim.

But despite his best efforts to look the part, it is becoming increasingly evident that Quinn is morphing more and more into a ridiculous Austin Powers-type character desperately trying to hang on to his past.

In advance of his arrival he delivered one million copies of his very own newspaper to homes across the country.

He even interviewed himself for his ‘Blueprint For Successful Living’, which features articles about his mind techniques, his gyms, his health supplements and now his oil company.

On one page an old photo of Quinn’s body-building days is used, on another he describes his girlfriend as the ‘poster girl’ for his Educogyms and on the front he is pictured, dressed in white, in front of a marina of yachts.

The mind guru, who has amassed a huge fortune by conning followers out of millions of their personal savings to fund his lavish lifestyle, gave his annual address to followers at the RDS on Sunday. In the past the seminar has attracted crowds of up to 1,000 but only a handful of devoted fans showed up to hear his address.

He arrived there with his heavy-handed security shortly after 2pm, despite the fact followers were told to be at the hall at 10am.

He emerged from the back of a blacked-out jeep followed closely by stunner Eve, who was dressed in a scarlet red cocktail dress.

Secretary Mary Power, who has devoted her whole life to Quinn, was left to carry their bags.

Inside he took to the stage where he tried to sell his pricey seminars in the sun, including one he is planning in Spain next month.

Two days later the same ridiculous security arrangements were made at Hick’s Tower when Quinn and his entourage made their way across town, again in high-powered vehicles.

This time he faced down investors in an oil company at their AGM at the Burlington Hotel where he invoked the spirit of his dead mother to shut up his critics.

Accused Quinn, who has been accused of muscling in on the billion-dollar company by using his mind bending techniques to influence other directors, took to the stage and said he was ready to get tough with people who told tales to the Sunday World. In a rambling, self-contradictory speech, Quinn told 200 shareholders at the International Natural Energy meeting: “You will not get me to go to court."

“Some of you here will have depended on that fact. But I have no choice. If they think I’m joking, talk to my mum. My mum will tell them, ‘Tony will give you enough rope to hang yourself’.”Quinn went on to rant about how the Sunday World had damaged his reputation and threw in RTE and the media in general for turning on him and damaging the value of shares in the company which struck oil in 2005.

Angry shareholders had earlier met to air their concerns about the fact that Quinn was brought in as a director of the company in 2007 and was gifted more than US$20m in shares.

They are perturbed about the appointment and believe that Quinn may now be set to cream the profits while shareholders have yet to receive any dividend on their investments, many of which were made nine years ago.


No questions were taken at the meeting and, despite the fact that concerned investors were told they could have a private meeting with Quinn afterwards to air their grievances, he was whisked away by his team of body- guards before anyone could talk to him.

A Sunday World team gained access to the meeting and heard Quinn’s ludicrous rantings about how WE had damaged his reputation and de-valued the oil shares.

Quinn and his inner circle spun a ridiculous scenario that culminated in shareholders being told if they wanted their money back they would have to borrow it from the company.

Warning shareholders to stop leaking stories to the media, Quinn and his fellow directors urged them to “stick together” to “get rich”.

Susan Morrice

Amazingly, one of the oil company’s co-founders, Susan Morrice, even claimed to have received phone calls from people who had tried to “blackmail” Tony in return for money and claimed hackers had stolen confidential information from the email accounts of shareholders.

While she did not go into details of these shocking allegations, Morrice lashed out at the general “negativity” which she said had widened a “rift” among the shareholders of the oil company and Quinn’s international organisation as a whole.

One shareholder and former Quinn supporter, ***** *****, even left the meeting after questioning why pictures of herself and her son ***** ******** were displayed on a screen as part of a slide-show to illustrate disloyal members of the Quinn organisation.

“Stop hiding behind the oil,” she warned Quinn before exiting the meeting.


A mob atmosphere dominated the AGM underscored by bursts of applause as each speaker attacked those who did not share Quinn’s vision.As the meeting got more bizarre,

Quinn made a rambling appeal to the "Doubting Thomases’ – about half the crowd – to row in with the rest.

“In a very simple way can we decide nobody is the bad guy and just leave it at that? Do we have to be so vicious to each other?” he begged.“I thought we all admired each other so much. I really don’t know what we’re going on about. If we’re divided, you’ll still be able to collect these profits, but imagine what would happen if we weren’t divided....I don’t know when we can get together to make more miracles happen.”

On stage Quinn adopted the classic Jesus pose – arms out from his side to form a triangle, palms towards the audience and eyes staring out soulfully – a typical cult leader technique.

Afterwards he enjoyed a slap-up meal at the Four Seasons hotel where a meal for two typically costs €400


As he gazed over a room half-filled with disgruntled shareholders who have been told they would not be getting a payout on their investment, Tony Quinn reverted to his classic Messiah pose.

When he helped boxer Steve Collins to beat world champ Chris Eubank in 1995, Eubank claimed he was “psyched out” by Quinn’s creepy stare.

And the stare was back with a bang at the AGM of the Belize oil company which Quinn now controls. In a Messianic pose straight out of Michaelangelo’s Last Supper fresco and countless Sacred Heart pictures, he stood, arms out from his side, to form a triangle.

It clearly brought out the mothering instinct in some of the older women and a lap-dog loyalty from drone-like men, who tut-tutted at all the disloyalty. Meanwhile glammed-up younger women, who were clearly trying to be clones of his girlfriend Eve, gazed at him in awe.

A man wearing a bumbag over his shoulder got a standing ovation when he rallied the crowd: “If all the people in this room could get together and believe in the love and send this love out to the people in Belize...”

By the end of the meeting, some of those who had sat with arms folded were clapping Quinn.

Several people in the room – male and female – later confessed they thought he was looking directly at them for almost the entire meeting.

The controversial Messiah told the 200 shareholders at the AGM of International Natural Energy that he was ready to get tough with people who told tales to the Sunday World.

Patti Usher, wife of the late Mike Usher who had first discovered the oil and got Quinn to invest, sat alongside Quinn at the meeting as did

Dr Gilbert Canton, CEO of Belize Natural Energy Ltd, the company drilling the oilfield on behalf of INE in the tiny country.

Echoing the ethos of Tony Quinn’s Educo cult, Dr Canton said his workers regard the company as a “family”. A bizarre photo in the company’s brochure showed Belizean workers taking part in a “team-building” game which involved involved interlocking their bodies and bending backwards in a sort of reverse rugby scrum, watched by their colleagues.

The scene mirrors the behaviour of Tony Quinn’s devotees at his seminars on Paradise Island, who have been seen writhing on the floor in ecstasy as the guru watches.

The oil company’s directors were trained in mind-control by Quinn before they struck gold, according to Quinn’s website.

Most of the three-hour meeting in Dublin’s Burlington Hotel was spent attacking the Sunday World and a “breakaway group” of disgruntled shareholders who had “turned against Tony”.

One of the oil company’s co-founders, Susan Morrice lashed out at the “negativity” which she said had widened a “rift” among the shareholders of the oil company and Tony’s international organisation as a whole. Clearly talking about articles in the Sunday World which exposed his bizarre lifestyle and mind-bending techniques for getting people to part with their money, Quinn added: “Everything about my life was undermined. Would you do it to someone?

“The people who did this to me, I would have staked my life on them. We were a small group and some outsiders joined us. People are talking about us as if we are doing something dishonest."

Referring to the Belizean people who have apparently lost faith in the project due to negative media reports, Quinn pointed out: “They loved us – they were really for it and we saw it all vanish.

“What good did any of that do? Okay, we got to be nasty to each other. But how did any of us gain from it? I got nothing from it.”

Susan Morrice told the meeting the well was still working – but that negative press coverage had driven down the share price. But despite being mobbed by everyone from angry shareholders to fans, ‘the Messiah’ wasn’t hanging around. He dashed out a back door where the glamorous Eve was waiting.

Story sourced from Dialogue Ireland.

Some names removed because they are survivors and Victors of Quinn's cultic abuse.

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