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"Tony The Lonely", Sunday World

'Messiah' Is Finally Due In Court To Answer Money Questions, by Nicola Tallant

"Tony The Lonely" - Quinn the Lord oil mighty is mac to face the music

GURU Tony Quinn looked like he had a lot on his mind as he took a stroll near his plush home this weekend.

The man followers dub the ‘Messiah’ had plenty to think about as he took a windswept walk on his own in the grounds of Dublin’s Malahide Castle.

He had just learned that he will have to explain in court what has happened to millions of oil money belonging to Irish shareholders.

Quinn’s role in international oil company INE has been the subject of huge controversy since it first struck black gold in Belize in Central America back in 2005.

Two years later the ‘mind guru’ is believed to have been handed an estimated $20 million worth of shares by his avid follower and company director Susan Morrice who credited his mind control techniques with helping INE strike it rich.

Three other original Directors have since sued Quinn and one of the cases, taken by former Director Paul Marriot, is believed to have been settled late last year. He filed explosive documents to a court accusing Quinn and his devoted follower Morrice of scheming to take control of the company.

This week the Irish High Court made orders compelling Quinn to give evidence as part of a multi-million dollar lawsuit in the US brought by another former director Jean Cornec.

ON HIS OWN: Quinn goes for a stroll to think about all the problems he’s facing in the courts. Pic: Ernie Leslie


It is understood that private investigators filmed Quinn and his busty lover Eve as they strolled together in Malahide Castle near his Hick’s Tower home last week in order to have iron-clad proof for the courts that he was in the country.

Quinn has been avoiding coming to Ireland for months but was told he would be safe to return this Christmas. He had successfully fought off a similar order last year because he wasn’t in the country when it was made by the High Court.

Countless people who have attended his mind bending seminars in the sun over the past few years have also received letters from the Revenue saying they are examining payments they made to Quinn’s offshore company in Jersey.

At the same time lawyers representing Cornec had told the Irish courts that they wanted to quiz Derek Lawlor, Quinn’s childhood friend from Malahide, and an associate of his in his business in recent years.

The company, INE, pumps up to 5,500 barrels of high grade oil every day, making an estimated profit of $100 million a year.

It is worth almost one billion dollars; and has 12 million barrels of reserves, enough to keep it going for over five years. It is owned by 350 Irish shareholders none of whom have received a penny in dividends.

A LOT ON HIS MIND: A pensive looking Quinn walks in the rain


Another shareholder, M**** L****, is attempting to take a class action against Quinn and Morrice in the US and her lawyers are likely to serve him a summons this weekend in relation to the proceedings.

Meanwhile Quinn is still trying to blag money out of his hard pressed Irish followers. Today he is due in the RDS for his annual meeting with his ‘Educo’ cult devotees at the RDS.

Quinn has amassed a huge fortune by conning followers out of millions of their personal savings to fund his lavish lifestyle.

2-page story in 8 January 2012 Sunday World

Article sourced from Dialogue Ireland.

The name of a Survivor of this Cult has been removed from this article out of respect for their privacy.

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